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Wood Rot Repair services for Holly Springs and Dunn, Nc.

Protect your family and the integrity of your household by repairing any wood rot and frame damage to keep your home's structure intact.

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Wood rot repair NC

Quality craftsmanship services to repair the dried, hollowed-out, or rotting wood in your home. 

Our wood rot repair services include:

- PVC material when possible

- Exterior siding repair

- Fascia, Corner board, and soffit repair

- Framing and trim repair

- Window frame repair

- Porch and deck repair

- And more

What are the signs of rotting wood?

- Dried-out-looking wood

- Missing parts where wood should be

- Wood that breaks down when you touch or step on it

- A brown, white, or yellowish hue on wood

- Wood that has a spongy feel to it

- Honeycomb-like appearance

Residential Home in NC
Wood rot repair NC

What causes wood rot?

Wood rot is a fungus that breaks down your home’s structure over time, meaning that moisture is the leading cause of wood rot. That means that in humid North Carolina, wood rot damage is typical.

Be sure to call The Service Pros for wood rot repair as soon as possible before significant damages occur!

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